Difference between は and が in this sentence Why is が used in this sentence and not は ? ある日、息子が山で働いている (some day, the son was working in the mountain) I have read that が can be used when something new is introduced to a sentece: But in this case, the 息子 was introduced previously. This is the full text: So, I don't know why is used が here. Is just for emphasis?
Oct 21, 2018 7:45 PM
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>I have read that が can be used when something new is introduced to a sentece: > It is an explanation for beginners, which cannot cover all. Now you are running into an uncovered area. In my opinion. --------------- ”は" originally means "emphasize", which leads to "topic". ”が" originally means the "owner" of a noun, which is widened to use as 1).the "owner" of verb or adjective, and 2). conjunction. (Note that I don't use the term "subject"). --------------- I believe this definition covers all (but not for beginners) OK: 1). ある日、息子が山で働いていると、やぶの中からしらがの鬼ババが出てきました。 One day when the son was working in the mounttain, ONI-baba came up from.. NG: 2).ある日、息子は、山で働いていると、やぶの中からしらがの鬼ババが出てきました。 Sentence #2 does not make sense, because Theme: ある日、息子は、 Rhema, what is said about Thema 山で働いていると、やぶの中からしらがの鬼ババが出てきました This rhema does not correspond to the theme.
October 23, 2018
It's probably because he's not the topic, just the grammatical subject in the sentence, ie: we're not actually talking about him, we're just saying that he was working there at that time..
October 21, 2018
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