Spanish from reggaeton songs Questions from some of the reggaeton lyrics. 1. Él te sabe hablar. (El Amante by Nicky Jam) Translation: He knows how to talk to you. Question: If "Te habla" can be seperated that way, then are following correct? "Te sé tratar"... I know how to treat you "Te sé hacer feliz" ... I know how to make you happy 2. Estoy hecho para tí. (Perro fiel by Shakira y Nicky Jam) Translation:?? Question: What does "Estar hecho" mean? From the way lyrics go, I think its something like "It's done" but am I correct? 3. Me besé a tu novia (Mi Mala by Maluma) Translation: I kissed your gf . Question: Doesn't "Me bese" mean "I kissed me??" When do you use reflexivo "Besarse"? Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend!
Oct 27, 2018 12:51 AM
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I agree with Eduardo Salas in 1and 2, but not in 3. For the first part of your question: 3. Me besé a tu novia (Mi Mala by Maluma) Translation: I kissed your gf .----------- THIS TRANSLATION IS CORRECT For the second part of your question: Question: Doesn't "Me bese" mean "I kissed me??" Answer: Yes, it means "I kissed me" if it appears alone. When do you use reflexivo "Besarse"? Answer: In "Me besé a tu novia" the "me" can be omitted if we talk about grammar or sintaxis. Why it appears? To emphasize that the action "besar" actually has a special meaning for the person or in the situation. In this case, even if I don't know the song, the meaning is probably "Look, it was ME that kissed YOUR girlfriend". This use of the pronoun works with any verb, not only with "besar" and can have different meaning or intention.
October 27, 2018
1. Las frases son correctas. 2. It can be translated as I am made for you, but it's better if you translate it as I was made for you. 3. You're right. 'Me besé' means I kissed myself because as you mentioned above, it's reflexive. What happened here is that the person who wrote the song, did it that way to make it rhyme with the following expressions. The correct way to say it should be Besé a tu novia, but you know.. it's a song tho'...
October 27, 2018
Hi Sheyla. Thank you very much for the response. For me lyrics are the favorite learning materials but sometimes cannot understand everything... appreciate your help!
October 30, 2018
Hola Hana! 1. Yes, those are correct. 2. Estar hecho para ti significa I am meant for you. "Estar hecho" significa be made. 3. Me bese a tu novia significa I kissed your gf. "Me bese" significa I kissed pero esta conjugado en el preterito perfecto simple con un pronombre personal. Feliz aprendizaje del Español!
October 27, 2018
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