Could someone explain the grammar behind these more advanced example uses of the の particle? I've seen many sentences where の is used in ways that I don't particularly understand. For example, these sentences came up when explaining the anime Konosuba (some anime where a person dies and is revived in some parallel world (異世界)lol): 死んだ人は「どうして優しくしないのか女神に聞きました。」 - The dead person asked "Why are you being so mean?" ニートは「大丈夫です。あなたは女神なのだから格好いい魔法を使うことができます」と言いました - The NEET said "It's alright. Since your a goddess, you can use cool magic."
Oct 28, 2018 6:03 AM
Answers · 2
I guess なのだから is usually used in the books, dictionary or anime, we dont really say it in real life なのだから means なんだから。 hope it helps
October 28, 2018
なんだから is a broken pronouciation of なのだから. We say it because it is easier to pronounce. 女神なのだから = 女神な (< 女神だ)+ の + だ + から This の literally means "thing", or "fact" ”because of the fact that you are 女神”
October 28, 2018
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