Help needed of Persian Native Speakers:) I came across this sentence in English(She's in the kitchen.) which was translated as: "Dar aashpazkhaaneh ast" Could you please tell me why the pronoun "Ou" is not used? And Why is this "Dar" for? Kheyli mamnoon:)
Oct 29, 2018 5:30 AM
Answers · 11
Persian is a pro drop language which means because of the rich conjugation of the verbs, you can leave out the subject of the sentence because it is understood from the verb. and the preposition "dar" means "in/inside or at". "dar" as a noun means "door".
October 29, 2018
Actually, he and she are equal in Persian. When you say "ou" we don't understand if you speak about a man or a woman. You can say "an khanoum" translated "that woman" or "an mard" translated "that man" and thus, we will find that which is which. Also, it is useful to know that "an" is almost formal and we usually use "oon" instead of "an" I think that it is easier for us to pronounce. "oon" is like /u:n/. You should aware that we don't use English alphabet to write Persian so I am not sure about spelling. At last, it's not common, at least, for me to mention that someone is male or female. Good luck.
November 1, 2018
"dar" in Persian means "in" in English and especially in spoken Persian, we can omit the pronoun like "man, Ou, ....
October 30, 2018
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