A sentence i can find difficult to comprehend <The more a major life decision scares you, chances are the more you need to be doing it.> After comma, the sentence looks tweaking. What the original sentence would be? For example of the sentence before comma, the original version would be "A major life dicision scares you more"
Oct 29, 2018 2:44 PM
Answers · 4
You can say: The more a life decision scares you, the greater (or 'the higher') the chance that you need to do it. If you want to rephrase it, you can try different things but what matters is what you're trying to express. What is the emphasis on here? Are you trying to say that a major life decision always scares you but that's no reason for not making it? Maybe if we had more context, we'd be able to help more.
October 29, 2018
the more, the more is an expression, like proportional. chances are also an expression, meaning like "likely".
October 29, 2018
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