help please Would you please tell me the difference between these forms of verb and give me 2 exams for each? 1_ cheerfulness _ cheer ( both of them are noun but it seems they’re used in diff purposes!) 2_ instinctive _ instinctual (both of them are adjective but it seems they’re used in diff purposes!)
Oct 29, 2018 4:32 PM
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The difference between instinctive and instinctual is that instinctive is related to or prompted by instinct while instinctual is of, relating to, or derived from instinct.

It is instinctive for us to seek a grand, moralistic mind that is not there.

The connection between touch and understanding is deeply instinc­tual, beginning in infancy and continuing, in varying forms, throughout our lives.

Cheer ham fe'le ham esm:

cheer(n), ye chizi mese faryade khoshlai mimune

a great cheer went up from the crowd

az jamiat ye faryade bolandi barkhast

cheer(n), manie ehsase khoshali ham mide

his good cheer was not returned

khoshhalish barnagasht

cheer(v), faryade khoshhali sar dadan mishe

everybody cheered when you arrived

vaghti umadi, hame dad zadan

cheer(v), somehow deldari dadan mishe

by late afternoon, there came news that cheered them all

ta akharaye badazohr, ye khabarayi umad ke hame ro deldari dad

Cheerful mishe sarkhosh cheerfulness ham esmeshe

November 2, 2018
cheerfulness: "Her cheerfulness always puts me in a good mood." cheer: "The fans cheered for the team to score a point."
October 29, 2018
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