the bag is on the chair if someone ask me where is the bag, and I want answer him "the bag is on the chair". 가방이 의자 위에 있어요. 의자 위에 있어요. 의자 위에 가방이 있어요. are these sentences correct? also is there any difference between them "I mean if these sentences are the same or there is difference" ?
Oct 30, 2018 1:52 AM
Answers · 1
The point of the question "Where is the bag?" is "WHERE" The simplest answer would be 의자 위에(요) On the chair The normal answer would be (그것은) 의자 위에 있어(요) It is on the chair Actually, 가방이 의자 위에 있어요 and 의자 위에 가방이 있어요 are not quite the answer of the question. 가방이 의자 위에 있어요 and 의자 위에 가방이 있어요 are both correct sentence because 의자 위에 is an adverbial phrase The meaning is same and the difference is emphasized word. 가방이 의자 위에 있어요 emphasizes "가방이" 의자 위에 가방이 있어요 emphasizes "의자 위에"
October 30, 2018
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