Are these both ok?She fell down on the ground hard/heavily. Thanks
Oct 30, 2018 5:24 AM
Answers · 3
Part Two "she fell of" "she fell from" "she fell way" "he fell of" "he fell from" "he fell way" "we fell of" "we fell from" "we fell way" "they fell of" "the fell from" "they fell way" "it fell of" "it fell from" "it fell way" <-it= anything. "the tile/slate fell of the roof" "the plane fell from the sky" "the land fell away from the cliff face" "the rocks slid off/from/away from the mountain" "the rocks/ground/soil/snow/ice/sheep/people slid DOWN the mountain. we usually say slid down but you can use the other suggestions above. slid = to feel in a certain manner. slide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGDI5zy_axs
October 30, 2018
hard is the word we prefer use to describe a fall. "a heavy fell" "she fell down hard on the ground" "she fell down hard to the ground" "she took a hard fall to the ground". For heavy when we use it is like this" "she took a heavy fall to the ground" although your sentences are fine we do not usually add the "ily" or "y" suffix/affix the natural way is to change the position of hard/heavy with ground. Put the words hard/heavy after "down" and leave rest of sentence how it is. what happened she feel DOWN + (to the ground) how did she fall she fell HARD The description of how she fell goes before ( + to the ground) if you want to add this. Final sentence "she fell down HARD ->to the ground"
October 30, 2018
You got them absolutely right. They are both fine.
October 30, 2018
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