Can 今度から ever mean "from now on" or does it only mean next time? So I already know that 今度 can be used to mean this time or next time as in the following: 今度の土曜日に行きます。 = Next Saturday I'll go. 今度の夕食は美味しかったです。 = This time dinner was delicious. However, I also saw that 今度から was being translated as "from now on" in some contexts. For example: 今度からあなたの部下を引き受けます。 = I'll be taking charge of your scouts/subordinates from now on. Could this also be translated as "I'll be taking charge of your scouts/subordinates next time." ? Do 今から, 今度から, and 今後 mean the same thing in some contexts? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Nov 1, 2018 12:36 AM
Answers · 1
今度から One meaning includes now and after now. The other meaning is next time and after next time. 今度から、あなたの部下を引き受けます。means from just now. Because this sentence is told when we introduce ourseves to our boss. 今度から気をつけます。I will do it properly next time.
November 1, 2018
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