are there Plural nouns in Korean language? are there Plural nouns in Korean language like English language? or not? for example in English language: cat (cats) dog (dogs) if there are Plural nouns, how can I write it in Korean language??? (like the previous example)
Nov 3, 2018 7:47 PM
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들 is the plural suffix in Korean language. You can use 들 after a noun like 개들, 고양이들 But, 들 is rarely used with nouns denoting inanimate objects. It is more often used with nouns denoting animate objects (people and animals), but then only when it is semantically necessary to make a distinction between singular and plural, or to emphasize plurality. e.g. two dogs would be "두 마리의 개" or "개 두 마리" . 두 마리의 개들 is awkward two people would be "두 사람" . 두 사람들 is awkward
November 4, 2018
cat 고양이 cats고양이들 dog 개 dogs 개들 you can say word +들 or use 여러마리 in the plural animal, When it comes to object 여러+개. (ex 1개 2개 3개, apples 사과 여러개)
November 4, 2018
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