Translating from Korean 5 부산에 임산부와 어린이가 함께 걸을 수 있는 산길을 연결한 순환형 둘러길이 만들어졌다. How to translate this sentence? What do 형 in the word 순환형 mean? And what is 둘러길이?
Nov 4, 2018 11:22 AM
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부산에 임산부와 어린이가 함께 걸을 수 있는 산길을 연결한 순환형 둘레길이 만들어졌다. (둘러 -> 둘레) = 부산에 {[임산부와 어린이가 함꼐 걸을 수 있는] [산길을 연결한]} 순환형 둘레길이 만들어졌다. = A circulating public walking trail {[that connects hill paths] [and on which pregnant women and children can walk together]} has been built in Busan. => A circulating public walking trail was created in Busan by connecting hill paths which can accommodate even pregnant women and children. * 순환형(n,adj) = 순환 (circulate; circle around) + 형(form, type) => circular; circulating. * 둘레길 = circling walk trail = artificially built trail circling a place, like a town, tourist site, etc (둘레 = surrounding circle, circumference, enclosing line - "가슴/허리둘레 = chest/waist measurement"; 길 = road, way, trail).
November 4, 2018
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