Come rispondere 'prego' in inglese? Che differenza c'è tra 'you are welcome', 'you got it' (se volessimo tradurlo, lo so che mettersi a tradurre letteralmente le parole è il modo peggiore per imparare l'inglese, a cosa corrisponderebbe in italiano?), 'it was nothing' (si può dire semplicemente 'nothing'? come se fosse 'di nulla'?), anytime, don't mention it e my pleasure.

È vero che 'you are welcome' è piú formale?

Per quanto riguarda le altre forme invece, ci sono grandi differenze?

Ad esempio alla cassiera che ti da il resto al supercato le diró 'you are welcome' e non 'don't mention it' oppure 'my pleasure'....... queste ultime due forme si utilizzano più che altro per dire 'prego' per un favore fatto, giusto?


Nov 4, 2018 6:38 PM
Answers · 3
Ciao Rossella, Con "you are welcome" non sbagli mai perchè va bene in qualsiasi situazione. In contesti più informali puoi anche dire "no problem".
November 4, 2018
'You're welcome' you can use at any time. It's the most normal way of translating 'prego' and you can use it in most situations. 'It was nothing' or 'don't mention it', you have to use for bigger favours. So you can't do it if someone thanks you for holding a door open for them, or gives you your change in the supermarket, as that's not a big enough favour. Maybe if someone goes and fetches a coffee or proofreads something for you could use it 'Don't mention it' is more common that 'it was nothing' I would say. 'You got it' I've never heard as a translation for 'prego'. May be it's American English. 'My pleasure' is very polite, but it does literally mean that you enjoyed helping someone. So if you did something like cleaning the toilet it might be a bit odd to use that. If you said that after opening a door for someone, or giving change, I would think why would get so much pleasure from doing such a small thing for me? But I suppose you could use if it was difficult to hold the door open!
November 4, 2018
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