What is "30-Day Writing Challenge" guys? Would you please explain it to me? I saw some Notebooks from different poeple that started with the phrase;"30-day writing challenge" and I became curious about it. Would someone please explain it to me? what is it? and for what?
Nov 4, 2018 7:10 PM
Answers · 4
Italki has a monthly language challenge every so often. When you join the challenge, you set yourself a personal goal for the month and try to meet that goal. It's a motivational challenge. A '30-day writing challenge' is similar: you promise yourself to write something every day for 30 days. (I don't know if the challenge here is set by a teacher or by the person him/herself). A similar but much more ambitious event is NaNoMo -- National Novel Month. People who participate in NaNoMo try and write a complete novel during the month of November!
November 4, 2018
I don't know for sure, but it sounds like a challenge to write something and post it in your Notebook every day for 30 consecutive days.
November 4, 2018
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