Words to reply welcome I say hello and was greeted with welcome. Is there anything I can appreciate about this? Just thanks?
Nov 5, 2018 1:47 AM
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Hi Eugene, It all depends on how far you want to exchange pleasantries with the other party, and what your intention is. It can be a short one just to show politeness: You: Hello Someone: Welcome! You: Thanks! (followed with a smile and carry on with whatever you are doing) You can also carry on with some small talk to break the ice: You: Hello Someone: Welcome! You: Thanks! Awful weather, isn't it? Someone: Tell me about it, ...... You: Really? I was told that.... If you were trying to ask something: You: Hello Someone: Welcome! You: Thanks! By the way, do you happen to know... Someone: Oh yes, right this way.... Sometimes, even your body language such as a genuine smile can express much more than words. If you are shy, a simple compliment will do: You: Hello! Someone: Welcome! You: Nice shirt! I hope I have helped.
November 5, 2018
'Welcome' in this use is a shorter, more casual, more personal way of saying "Welcome to (place)." For example: "Welcome to my home." "Welcome to the restaurant." "Welcome to New York." In the first example, or if you are talking with someone familiar to you, you can reply by saying "Thank you for inviting me" or "Thank you for having me." You can also just smile and say "Thanks." In the second example, you can simply say "Thanks" or "Thank you." If you are talking to a waiter or a host, and you want to be more outgoing, you might reply "Thank you. What do you recommend?" or "Thanks. What is today's special?" In the third example, like the second example, when you are not familiar with the person, a simple "Thanks" will suffice. In any case, you don't need to say thank you. Generally, you can just continue with the conversation or go about doing your own thing.
November 5, 2018
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