What is 'wiring'? Great Managers: It’s the Wiring Buffett noted the best way to find great managers is to look at the record. It’s tough to go to the practice tee and predict the best golfers just from their golf swings. Mixing sports metaphors, he noted that the best batters are the ones with the best batting averages. Buffett referenced an old study that found the top correlation of great managers to be the age at which managers started their first businesses. Buffett believes it has far more to do with the wiring than he would have thought 30 years ago. Munger added that it is also part intelligence and part temperament. Munger found he liked business very early and loved trying to win at games of chance. Buffett concluded humorously, “Since my dad would not let me be a bookie, I went into investing.” Q1: What is wiring? Q2: What is the subject of 'it is also part intelligence and part temperament'?
Nov 5, 2018 8:38 AM
Answers · 2
'Wiring' has two meanings. We often use it to talk about the connections within a machine. It literally means the wires in a machine. Changing the way the wires connect can change the way the machine works. However, in this context we are talking about people, and so the idea of wiring withing a person is figurative not literal. It means the way the person thinks, functions, behaves, etc. Q2. The subject is 'what makes a great manager'.
November 5, 2018
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