medicine's notice Pls kindly explain the following notices in English for me. Thanks so lot *분량 (%) 전성분의 분량을 기재하여 제출: *칸이 부족한 경우 연결하여 기재 *원료명칭은 표준화된 명칭을 기재
Nov 6, 2018 2:25 PM
Answers · 2
*분량 (%) 전성분의 분량을 기재하여 제출: Dose (%) submit after writing the dose of the whole ingredient *칸이 부족한 경우 연결하여 기재 Write by connecting next line in case of lacking blank space *원료명칭은 표준화된 명칭을 기재 Write the name of the base material as the standardized name
November 7, 2018
* Amount (%) Enter the amount of all ingredients: * If there is insufficient space * The name of the raw material is given a standardized name. Source: google translation
November 6, 2018
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