How do you write in Chinese Student: How many dogs do you have? Student: I have ten dogs. Teacher: Wow, that is a lot. Please change the lesson I like toy guns. I do not like hot weather because, I will get darker. I like to eat watermelon on hot weather. I like cloudy weather because, I do not like the sun. I like cloudy weather because, it is not hot. It doesn't matter. I am unemployed now. Do you speak English? Do you speak Chinese? Have you watched this movie? I like to wash my face before going to bed I like to brush my teeth before going to bed. Do you know how to sing them? That is a lot. You forgot to clap your hands Can you find a pea in the picture? Can you find a lemon in the picture? Can you find a carrot in the picture? Can you find a tomato in the picture? Can you circle a pea. Can you circle a lemon. Can you circle a carrot. Can you circle a tomato. Can you tell him that I can not hear him/her. Can you tell him that I can not see him/her. We are talking. This is a stereo.I do not like to do homework because, I have too many homework. How many hammers can you see in the picture? I want to learn English because, I can learn a lot from english. I like sunny weather because, I can eat ice cream. Please write quickly I like to exercise on sunny weather. What do you like to do with your best friend on weekends? Who do you often visit on weekends? Have you ever lost an item? What is your favorite chinese junk food? Can you give me an example of a noun? Where did they find the bow tie?
Nov 6, 2018 6:53 PM
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