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I have composed a sentence including four synonyms of "consistent, constant, continuous, continual" consistent, constant, continuous, continual, they bothered me in some extent. In order to identify them and qualify myself to have a clear recognition, I composed a sentence below about them. Tex, a consistent class cowpoke, went to ride a brown horse constantly, then riding at a constant speed in the continuous vast cattle ranch, swinging his whip continually and shouting the cattles continuously. The cattles formed a continuous line under his continual driving and whipping. Do you think it's correct?
Nov 7, 2018 10:02 PM
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To be honest, no. You have not used some of the words correctly, and the rest of your grammar is inconsistent as well. Cowpoke is a very old-fashioned word. Cowpokes didn't have classes. It doesn't make sense to use 'went to' with 'constantly'. Constant speed is fine. Continuous doesn't really make sense with 'ranch', at least in that context. Cattle is uncountable. Swinging ... continually is fine. I've never seen cattle form a continuous line! Naturally, your continuously should be before before 'shouting'. Continual driving is fine.
November 7, 2018
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