How to type ------------ and when can I use in writing? 1: How to type ------------ line without space between two - 2: When can I use ---------- in writing? ex: Does it work like " " (one person says something)? Would you give me an example? Thank you!
Nov 7, 2018 10:43 PM
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--- is almost never used in writing. The only time that "-" would be used would be for a hanging thought as in "I thought we were going to-" often used synonymously with the ellipses, as in, "I thought we were going to..." "-" is more often used in writing to show a thought being interrupted. Using that same example, a more complete scene would be "I thought we were going to-" Just then, the cave floor gave way and she tumbled over the cliff. etc. etc. as far as "-" without spaces, are you referring to "_"? In that case the underline option could be used with "Ctrl+U" in most applications. I do not know of an instance where "-" is used to show quotation. Hope it helps! :-)
November 7, 2018
hi, hope i help you haha!! 1- I dont know a way to make a entirely line without having that little space between them, sorry :c 2- the uses of - are simple, i'm going to explain with examples. First, hyphens - (they are not used when a person says something and they can be used in writing yes, they are used in most part to combine two different words in just one. for example Well and intentionated, you can put these 2 words together, and create one single adjective, well-intentionated or good-looking, but, its not very commonly used, i dont see so many examples about the use of hyphens, and basically, there is not a specifically rule, you have to learn the words that uses hyphen by decorating them.) Second, the dashes — (as you see, they are longer than the hyphens, and they are the used when someone says something in a narrative, like. Maria looked up and said: — What a beautiful sky we have today hum... so, we used it to show what Maria said. Third, the " " (its not used for peoples saying. Its used here when we want to mention someone's else phrases, or when the meaning of the phrase is too subjective and figurative. An example, "If you can dream, you can do" By Walt Disney. As you see, its a famous phrase so i have to put " " and tell after who is this from, like i have to give the true owner of the phrase the credits. Other use is where the word have a different meaning from what it should have, when its very subjective, figurative and etc. Example. Pluton is a "planet"... We know pluton is not considered a planet, its a subjective and figurative phrase, its not really correct, so i put " " to sinalize it.
November 7, 2018
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