Which sentence is more natural? "I will take a bath first" 나는 목욕부터 할께요. or 저는 먼저 목욕을 할께요. Which sentance is more natural or used more frequently? Is there a difference in meaning? Can I use it it the context like: I came back home after doing jogging with my friend and I feel really sweaty so I say "I will take a bath first" (I don't want to take a bath after my friend)
Nov 8, 2018 4:03 PM
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반가워요! 나는 목욕부터 할께요 ➔나는 목욕부터 할게요. This sentence is quite natural, but doesn't fit the situation you gave. This can be used when you choose take a bath among several things to do. In short, this is related to selection. These sentences meet the situation you gave. Informal and polite speech: 제가 먼저 목욕할게요(씻을게요, 샤워할게요). Peer speech: 내가 먼저 씻을게(목욕할게, 샤워할게).
November 8, 2018
November 8, 2018
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