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Bengali Grammar and Vocab help I have read a short conversation in Bengali and I have many questions to ask about it. Any help is appreciated! 1. They often say "এই যে ভাই" What does this mean exactly? 2. What is the difference between ধরনের/রকম/নানারকম? 3. What is the difference between ক্ষুধা/খিদে? How would you normally say "hunger" in Bengali. How would you say "I am hungry?" 4. What exactly is the meaning of this sentence? আপনাদের রেস্টুরেন্টের সবচেয়ে সুস্বাদু মিষ্টি জাতীয় খাবার কোনটা? 5. The waiter says "দাম বেশি না। আমাদের মিষ্টির মান খুব ভাল। সেই তুলনায় দাম অনেক কম।" I think it is something like "The price is not high. Our sweets are the very good quality...?" 6. What is the difference between কয়টা/কত? 7. What is the difference between ঠিক/ঠিকমত? আমি জানি, আমার এখানে অনেক প্রশ্ন লিখেছি! আমি আপনাদের উত্তর প্রশংসা করি!
Nov 9, 2018 1:04 AM
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1. Literally, "Hey there" 2. ধরন = রকম, নানারকম = various 3. ক্ষুধা = খিদে = hunger (noun) ক্ষুধিত = hungry (noun) 4. What is the most tasty sweet/dessert in your restaurant? 5. The price is not high. Our sweets are of very good quality. Comparatively (to other shops) the price is very low. 6. none 7. ঠিক is noun. ঠিকমত is adverb.
November 16, 2018
1. The meaning is '' Hey brother'' We use it when we call unknown people. 2. There are no difference actually 3. Same no different. We use hunger like আমি অনেক ক্ষুদার্থ। ''I am hungry'' we say আমার খিদে লেগেছে। 4. Which is the most delicious sweet food in your restaurant? 5. Yes. That's correct. 6. I can give you 2 example of কয়টা/কত. Example of কয়টা : How many pens are there? Example of কত : How much the price of your pens? So in that case ''many'' = কয়টা. And ''much'' = কত 7. It is vary actually. First i have to know in which purpose you want to use those words. Thank you for learning Bengali. If you need any help with Bengali you can feel free to knock me. I really like to talk people 😀
September 17, 2019
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