Telling a bus driver "I'm going to the bottom of the hill," in Spanish Every time I ride the bus, the driver always tells me to get off at the top of the hill, but the other day I tried to explain I want to go "further," that I'm going further down the hill. How can I explain it to him?
Nov 9, 2018 1:15 AM
Answers · 3
"Déjeme más abajo, por favor." o "Déjeme más abajito, por favor."
November 9, 2018
Buenos días! Le puedes decir: "Gracias, pero yo necesito bajarme más adelante" (Más adelante sería el equivalente a "further") Un abrazo!
November 9, 2018
How strange, in my country, buses only stop at bus-stops. Anyway you can say: "disculpe, pero me bajo en la ladera de la colina" . (Ladera = parte baja de la colina = pie de la colina).
November 9, 2018
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