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How to use the following words?what’s difference of them?如何使用這些字? awake / wake belly/stomach/tummy/abdomen ceramic /china/pottery redundant /superfluous
Nov 9, 2018 3:18 PM
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my freind is AWAKE in the other room, please be quiet. my friend is asleep in the other room, please do not WAKE him my BELLY looks big after i eat a big meal the doctor said he wants to inspect the contents of my STOMACH my child says her TUMMY hurts I told the doctor i had a pain in my ABDOMEN I love CERAMIC pottery from china I took a POTTERY class last night where i made this clay pot. this man repeats himself so much... he is so REDUNDANT all that sugar on the donut is just SUPERFLUOUS... its not necessary :) keep working hard! you are doing so well!
November 9, 2018
You seem like a pretty advanced student so I'll try to give you examples of some of the subtle differences in usage rather than just give you dictionary definitions which you can probably look up for yourself anyway. Awake is an adjective. Wake is a verb. Belly, stomach, tummy, and abdomen all refer to the same area of your body but there are nuances in usage. 'belly' is often used in sentences related to food, eating, or body shape (as in ' a big belly, or 'my belly is full'). It is also used for the terms belly dancer and belly button. Tummy is used the same way (' a big tummy' or 'my tummy is full' are both okay) but it is a word more often used with children ("is your tummy full? for example). Stomach is a bit more formal than belly or tummy. Abdomen is most often used medically. Note that 'belly button' and 'belly dancer'. Also some idiomatic uses like 'belly laugh' and 'bellyache' can only use 'belly'. Bellyache is an interesting word. It can refer to a pain in that part of your body or it can be used idiomatically to mean to complain loudly. 'Stomachache' on the other hand can inly refer to the pain; it can't be used with the idiomatic meaning. Redundant and superfluous can both have the meaning of having more than you need of something. Redundant can also have the meaning of being a duplicate of what you already have. 'Redundant' information' for example is information that duplicates what you already know. Redundant also sometime carries the connotation of something that was useful but is no longer useful (People whose jobs are eliminated and get laid off, for example, are said to be redundant).
November 10, 2018
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