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Can someone translate this sentence for me? It's in my korean textbook "민수와 위라가 되어 친구와 이야기해 보세요."
Nov 9, 2018 7:19 PM
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"민수와 위라가 되어 친구와 이야기해 보세요." => (lit) Now become 민수 and 위라, and try talking with your friend. => Try talking to your buddy/classmate (play-acting) as 민수 and 위라. (The text shows the characters of 민수 and 위라, and now it's asking the readers/students to talk to each other as if they are those characters.) Key structures: * X-이/가 되다 = to become X. * 되어 = short for 되어서. -서 indicates a 1) reason/grounds for an event, or 2) doing something as a basis for the next (more important) action (the case here). E.g. 나머지 숙제는 집에 가서 할게요 would be "I'll do the rest of the homework at home = (lit) I'll go home and do it". * -아/어 보다 (이야기해 보세요) is a common phrase for doing something to see what happens or as a lighthearted trial. E.g. 이거 먹어 봐. 맛있어 = Have a taste of this. It's good.
November 10, 2018
민수와 위라가 되어 친구와 이야기해 보세요. Taking on the roles of 민수 and 위라, try practicing with a friend. (Become 민수 and 위라, and try conversing with a friend.)
November 10, 2018
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