What's the meaning of the sentence? He went out at the end of evening. I don't quite understand the meaning of the sentence and feel confused about the expression "at the end of evening". Does evening mean "time" or " evening party"?
Nov 10, 2018 7:48 AM
Answers · 5
"end of the evening" means the start of the night. Usually when the sun has set and twilight has just ended. There is no definite clock time defined for it. So different regions have different meanings but usually before "normal" bedtime for the general populace.
November 10, 2018
Here in New Zealand we would refer to ',at the end of the evening' as being not long before bed, but we wouldn't say 'went out at the end of the evening' because to go out at that time would contradict the fact that the evening had indeed ended. We might say something like, he went out late in the evening, or, he went out soon before bed. Possibly a context to the phrase you are asking about would make it mean something else..
November 10, 2018
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