Ownership. Difference between ل (li) and عند? Hi there, I know they both mean general ownership but I can't tell the difference and my Arabic learning book(Mastering Arabic 1) doesn't give a clear explination. e.g. لي أخ في البرازيل (I have a brother in Brazil) and عندي أخ( I have a brother). Please can anyone explain it? شكرا
Nov 10, 2018 10:36 AM
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They mean the same and you can use any one of them to express ownership. What is the difference? The difference lies in theit position as part of speech. لي consists of ل which is حرف جر and ي which is the pronoun of the speaker. While عندي and لدي are adverbs which are used to express possession. عند اسم او ظرف لمكان وزمان الحظور. لدى ظرف مكان جامد بمعنى عند. And ي belong to the speaker or the doer of the action. I hope that helps.
November 10, 2018
there isnt different between both but عندي used more
November 15, 2018
أهلا آبي عندي ولي بنفس المعنى )أما الفرق في اللغة فبين (عندي) و (لدي لدي : معناه ان الشئ حاضر بحوزتك It means you have the thing right now within the place that you are in أما عندي فتستخدم لما في حوزتك حاضرا أو غائبا This means that i have it but either with me right now or it is in a safe place elsewhere
November 12, 2018
Hi Abbey ! there's no difference not even a small one they both mean ownership as you mentioned but maybe the one ( عند) is more used in most Arabic countries than the other one I think (li ) is more used in Egypt . In Syria we say عندي
November 10, 2018
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