A Bigger Splash There is no picture of ‘A Bigger Splash Somewhat Outside the Total Exclusion Zone’ on the web. Can I be sure that "splash" here mean "the splash of water" as with Hockney's painting? Does not it remind any other meaning to your mind in this context? Context: Ken Mahood’s ‘A Bigger Splash Somewhat Outside the Total Exclusion Zone’, about the sinking of the Argentinean vessel the Belgrano, also refers to British artist David Hockney’s famous ‘California lifestyle’ painting, A Bigger Splash (1967).
Nov 10, 2018 10:45 AM
Answers · 1
A splash of paint, a splash of water, a splash of milk in my tea... so we can have splashes of any liquid. But we can also say a splash of color/colour, like "that scarf adds a splash of color/colour to your outfit". This is occasionally extended to ideas like a splash of style, a splash of creativity, although these are much less common. Another use of splash (that I can think of for now) is its use as a form of 'entrance'. She made a splash on the art scene when she first exhibited." The idea here (maybe) is that someone who makes a splash gets attention, ruffles the status quo and is entering something, here the 'art scene'. So it is possible that splash has a direct meaning, an extended idea and even possibly an idiomatic message. So no its use is not guaranteed to refer to the water.
November 10, 2018
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