Which sites do you recommend for online tv / movies / series? While learning German, there is a free one-stop nice site where you can find most of the shows, series and films of the German Tv for free ( Even though some cannot be watched outside Germany, most of them do. I've tried finding something similar for French tv/series/movies with no success. Most of the tv sites are blocked outside of France. Do you have any recommendations?
Nov 10, 2018 5:30 PM
Answers · 9
Maybe you can try "Arte" which is a Franco-German, culture TV-channel (available in French, Deutsch, English, Italian, Polish): = ( You should also visit the following website (which indicates that there are 19 French Tv channels you can watch online even if you live abroad): Good luck!
November 10, 2018
Hi Antonio. I use to watch France24: there is an enormous quantity of reportages about any kind of subject. The only negative aspect is that Journalists' language is "easier" than spoken language. However, that's how I mostly got trained in Listening comprehension. Would you like to find movies, you could search through Bing Videos. But I usually prefer listening to songs, because they also are an authentic door to society. Bonne chance (avec la France).
November 10, 2018
You have tons of movies in French on you tube You input for example : films Francais For the shows you go to daily motion
November 13, 2018
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