What are Korean writing conventions? Hi guys, someone suggested doing a writing challenge and this got me thinking about writing conventions in Korean. None of my books ever talk about this. So things like using commas, certain ways of describing things or anything else you can come up with :)
Nov 12, 2018 9:01 AM
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As you might know, the answer of your question is not suitable for 2000 characters limit. Shortly, TOPIK Writing (or, Korean writing in general), pretty much follows the same punctuation conventions as English. 1. Periods(.) mark the end of sentences or abbreviations and separate dates 2. Commas(,) create lists, separate phrases, and mark speech 3. Question marks(?) finish questions 4. Exclamation marks(!) express animated remarks (surprise, shouts, rebukes, etc) 5. Quotation marks(") express speech and animal sounds 6. Single quotation marks(') show speech within speech (reported speech) or highlight keywords in a sentence 7. Ellipses(…) represent silence or speech that trails off There is one notable NEW punctuation mark that isn’t commonly used in English as well: 1. The middle dot(ㆍ) is also used to make lists and to mark dates with a certain significance (like red days/national holidays) Refer to For more details about punctuation rules, refer to (in Korean)
November 12, 2018
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