What are the common ways of expressing happiness? Let's say , I won the first place in a competition, and I was definitely happy at that time . What are the alternatives of saying that " I was definitely happy at that time ." I've come up with some but I'm not sure if they sound too exaggerated or not commonly used in daily conversations. 1: I was on cloud nine at that time . 2. I was overwhelmed with joy at that time . 3. I was delighted / overjoyed / thrilled at that time . 4. I was on top of the world at that time . 5. I was as happy as a clam at that time . 6. I was over the moon at that time 7 I was in seventh heaven at that time . Do these expressions sound weird in daily conversations or are they exaggerated too much for this context ? Thanks a lot !
Nov 13, 2018 3:40 AM
Answers · 1
I believe any of those reasponses would be appropriate. It all depends on how big of a deal your situation is and how happy you actually are.
November 13, 2018
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