My question is on using “will” after “when”. How to decide whether to use "will" after "when"? Hi friends, My question is on using “will” after “when”. How to decide whether to use "will" after "when" or simple present tense? e.g. When will you come? (when + will) I’ll call you when I come home. (when + simple present tense) Thanks in advance, Niwantha
Nov 13, 2018 4:36 AM
Answers · 8
"When" as a question word can be followed by any appropriate tense. "When" as a conjunction should be followed by a present tense.
November 13, 2018
By the way, 'when will you come?' is correct grammar but strange.. is there a plan to come already? : 'When are you coming?' or do you want a decision : 'when are you going to come?' In future time expressions, like 'when I..' or 'if I ..' just use the present, without 'will'. :)
November 13, 2018
I think I understand what you mean. I'd like to say that anytime you ask a future-tense question about an object or person, you should use "When will ......?" .... specifically when you are seeking a point in time "When will .....?" is implying that it has yet to happen and essentially your referring to a future point in time. Example: Future-tense ......... "When will you come home?" Past-tense ......... "When did you come home?" Present-tense that starts with "When......." always leads to an explanation. present-tense ........... "When I come home, I will stop by the store"
November 13, 2018
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