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Ελληνικές Ερωτήσεις 1) Is this translation correct? Does Θα have the meanings of both future and conditional? I would like to learn Greek with you. - Θα ήθελα να μάθω Ελληνικά μαζί σου. 2) Is it correct to say: Θα ήθελα να μαθαίνω Ελληνικά μαζί σου.
Jun 9, 2019 10:53 PM
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I gave an answer but put it in 'comments', sorry!
June 10, 2019
June 12, 2019
I want to write (now) I find this a very difficult part of Greek grammar. When in doubt I use να + aorist because this construction is used more often. In answer to your question, θα ήθελα να μάθω / να μαθαίνω, both sentences are correct but the aspect is different. να μαθαίνω - I want to learn always, continuously, να μάθω - I want to learn now. ,
June 10, 2019
the answer to your first question is: yes. θα is used for both future and conditinal. θα + aorist is conditional. your second question is more complicated (I am trying to learn Greek, not a native speaker and I have been struggling with your question as well, but I think I now understand the difference between 1. θα ήθελα να μαθαίνω 2. θα ήθελα να μάθω example 1 is να + present stem example 2 is να + aorist stem the difference between the two stems is aspect the present stem is used to describe durative aspect : an action or event seen as something in progress, without reference to its beginning or end. it expresses a continuous intention. It helps me to put the word 'always' in the sentence. the aorist stem describes the action or event as a completed whole. it expresses a non-continuous future intention. it helps me to put the word 'now' in the sentence. να + present stem θέλω να γράφω. I want to write - in general, with duration I (always) want to write να + aorist stem θέλω να γράψω - once, without repetition
June 10, 2019
Θα ήθελα να μάθω τα ελληνικά μαζί σου-You need the article in this way because you need to give an emphasis on the Greek language. If you want to be more polite you could say θα ήθελα να μαθαίνουμε τα ελληνικά μαζί. The second way it was not sound correct in Greek but you can say θα ήθελα να μαθαίνω τα νέα σου-I would like to learn about you(literally your news) Για παράδειγμα θέλω να τρώω μακαρόνια κάθε μέρα-I want to eat pasta every day Θέλω να φάω μακαρόνια μόνο μια φορά την εβδομάδα-I want to eat pasta only once a week I hope my examples helped you.
June 10, 2019
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