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Are these statements correct? The process of education: Kindergarten ↓ Primary school ↓ Middle school/Junior high school (I'm not sure) ↓ Senior high school/Highschool (not sure) ↓ University/college Are the words I mentioned above correct? And what's the "the second school"means?
Jun 10, 2019 8:43 AM
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In the US, it would go as follows: Kindergarten ↓ Elementary school ↓ Middle school / Junior high school (Most people say middle school. Junior high school is less common and it is often just called "Junior high") ↓ High school ↓ University/college
June 10, 2019
The words typically used will vary by country and, within the US, by region. Your words would be used in the US, except that I think “elementary” is more common than “primary”. Some places use junior high school and senior high school, others use middle school and high school. “Secondary” schooling isn’t a term that would colloquially be used in the US. It would be used by education professionals. It would include high school and possibly parts of middle school.
June 10, 2019
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