『佢叫我講我啲朋友』(可唔可以噉樣講?) In English, we have the phrase "to talk about" (something). Is there a way to express this "about" in Cantonese? I've heard expressions like 唔好再講佢啲嘢 ("Don't talk about him anymore," I assume) -- so does 講, by itself, express "talking about" something? If I want to describe "talking about my friends," is it 講我啲朋友? (or 講一些我嘅朋友?) 可唔可以提另外嘅例子? (。。。定係『其他嘅例子』?) 謝謝!
Jun 10, 2019 8:50 AM
Answers · 5
In generally, 講我嘅朋友 doesn't mean "talk about my friends" 1、唔好再講我朋友啦——don't talk about my friend any more ( imply that they say something bad of my friend) 唔好再講我朋友啲嘢——This one is neutrality 2、唔好再講佢啦,佢都知錯啦——Don't blame him anymore. He knows he is wrong. about ——關於 I want to talk about my friends——我想講關於我朋友啲嘢 What do you know about him?——你知道關於佢乜嘢?
June 12, 2019
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