questions from TV Friends-do magicians say this? hey guys, i got coupla questions from tv show Friends. below are scripts. Ross: (walking up with Rachel and carrying coffee) Hey. Joey: Whoa, dude, look out! You almost crushed my hat! (He picks a hat up from the floor. It's one of those magician stovepipe hats.) Ross: Sorry. Chandler: (examining the hat) 【And the bunny got away】. (Turns and starts looking for the bunny as Joey puts the hat on.) Ross: (glaring at Joey) This would be the place where you explain the hat. Joey: Oh! Yeah, look there's this play all right? And I'm up for the part of this real cool like suave international guy. A real clothes horse. So I figure that everyone at the audition is gonna be wearing this kinda y'know, ultra-hip, high fashion stuff. Chandler: 【And you're gonna make them all disappear.】 Joey: Yeah, like you could find something as 【 sophisticated】 as this. (Chandler picks up a bread basket from the table and puts it on his head.) Chandler: Done. Rachel: Joey, if you wanna look good, why don't you just come down to the store? I'll help you out. Joey: Great! Thanks, Rach! Rachel: Sure! (Pause) God, please take those off! Joey: All right. 。。。。。 below are my questions: Chandler:【the bunny got away 】。 Chandler:【 you ‘re gonna make them all disappear】。 Question : is this something that magicians say a lot?why is it funny here? 。。。。。。 Joey:like you could find something as sophisticated as this。 Question: 【sophisticated 】here means “stylish/ fashionable”?
Jun 10, 2019 1:17 PM
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[the bunny got away] is funny here because Chandler is making fun of Joey's hat. Joey thinks the hat is fashionable but Chandler says he looks like a magician. A very famous magic trick is to pull a bunny out of a hat. [you're gonna make them all disappear] is funny for the same reason. Magicians often make people disappear in their acts. [sophisticated] here means "having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture".
June 10, 2019
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