Help me plz hi there.whats meaning of" overcoming" in this sentence? and meaning "jazzmen"? can you tell me gist of paragraph,of what Terkel talking about? SACKS: Yeah, I know. I think there is a sort of living theater when, you know, in the clinical life people open themselves, they tell you these stories of how life has, you know, how a strange sort of neurology has wounded them, or pushed them in various ways and their responses. But I think there’s a sort of bad theater, I think it would be awful to portray people as a sort of freak show. But I think with respect, one can convey the drama. TERKEL: But also to me it’s overcoming. The idea that you overcome. I don’t mean a sentimental overcome. I mean the fact that you, again, and that surgery on your right hand, and your left gets to work. You know, you see, the right hand is the doer, the left hand is the dreamer. Some of the jazzmen say. And so, the dream! So how to describe you? You’re a neurologist, yet you know you’re a wonderful writer. But you’re also a chronicler, and, in fact, there’s a poetic touch. But it can’t be helped— that’s what you are, and that’s the work you do. And so there is this artist. His name is Magnani.
Jun 11, 2019 10:24 PM
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Jazzmen are men who play Jazz. I assume he is saying that if you are a talented musician, there is a slight difference between the way each hand plays music. Overcome means something like get over or get around an obstacle or problem. If people are faced with a problem, they deal with it. They make life work despite the problem. In the example, if you are unable to use one hand, you use the other, and if it is for a while, the left hand gets better at doing things. To be honest, Terkel seems to be waffling there, and just saying random things. To me, there isn't a clear connection between the two halves of the sentence. But I'm a XXTX. Perhaps what he is saying is XXFX speak?
June 12, 2019
"Overcoming one's challenges". No idea about the "jazzmen".
June 12, 2019
Джазмен это музыкант исполняющий джаз. Преодоление скорее всего борьба с собой
June 11, 2019
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