Vivian Wang
What does "moment-to-moment " mean? I am reading a textbook. There's a chapter which mentions about "moment-to-moment" a couple times. I wonder what does "moment-to-moment" mean? Is it same as "here-and-now"? Thanks! Examples: The therapist encourages the client to describe his or her experience and to attend to moment-to-moment awareness of elements of the field. Gestalt therapists will selectively bring aspects of their own moment-to-moment experience, what is figural for them, into contact with the client. I suggest an experiment. Notice how the experiment emerges “organically” from the moment-to-moment dialogue between us. Like all of us, Ruth has characteristic ways of organizing and making meaning out of her moment-to-moment experience of both herself and her environment. As my therapy relationship with Ruth proceeds, I continue to encourage her to be aware of her moment-to-moment experience.
Jun 13, 2019 3:33 AM
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Thank you Michael!
June 14, 2019
:) Yes, very similar to "here and now". It has a breath more of a continuous feeling rather than a frozen moment in time, possibly, but in this usage and very often these are identical in meaning, in my opinion. The "hear and now" advances moment to moment, as it were. Hope this helps.
June 13, 2019
So it is same as "here-and-now"? thanks! And thank you for the website links!!!
June 13, 2019
"Moment to moment dialogue" is, essentially, dialogue. Any dialogue happening between two people happens "moment to moment". Here, moment to moment is being used to try to bring focus onto the present time - right here, right now - in contrast to perspectives which look forward to the future or back to the past. This, of course, is very different from psychodynamic therapy, which very often seeks to explain problems and the present in terms of past events and reactions to them. For the therapeutic theory, see or for word meanings see or
June 13, 2019
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