Speaking Feedback Hi everybody! Can you give me your feedback on my speaking? Any comment or suggestion regarding accent, word choice, grammar, etc. will be very helpful. Thanks for your time
Jun 13, 2019 12:45 PM
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0:07 - It sounds like you're pronouncing the "O" in "sometimes" at the back of your tongue/mouth with your soft palate but we make that sound more in the middle of our tongue/mouth, at the hard palate. Instead of pronouncing it like "saw" pronounce it like "suh". 0:09 - "It's not a rocket science" - This should be "it's not rocket science" (no "A" in front of rocket). 0:17 - "Romantic" should sound almost like there's a "W" as the first letter, like how we pronounce "wrap". Instead of trilling the "R", the emphasis should be more on the "O". Your tongue should not have to make contact with the roof of your mouth for the "R" sound. 0:23 - "Love" - here it sounds like you are pronouncing the "O" from the back of your mouth, perhaps pressing the back of your tongue against your soft palate. Instead, pronounce the "O" like "UH". Your tongue should not make contact with the roof of your mouth and the sound should generate from the middle of your tongue/mouth. As an aside, I would say that you should stop rolling your "R" for a more accurate accent. I can't think of any time we roll our "R". Try not to touch the front of your tongue to the roof of your mouth at all when pronouncing "R". The only other thing I'll mention is to work on your "TH" sound so they don't sound like "D".
June 13, 2019
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