Valeriya K.
The TV/ TV When do we need "the" with "TV"? And when we don't need it?In some cases articles are not needed, like "I was watching TV when she came in". That's what I am talking about. I know when "the" is needed, but I cannot understand when it is NOT needed.
Jun 14, 2019 8:11 PM
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In general, you should use "the TV" or "a TV" in the same way that you would use "the" and "a" with other countable nouns, if you are talking about a TV as a physical object. If you're using the word "TV" to mean "TV programs" (movies, shows, commercials, or anything else that is aired on television), then you don't use "the" or "a." "I'm watching TV" means "I'm watching the shows/programs that are playing on TV." It doesn't mean that you're watching the physical object. Instead, you're watching the images that are playing. "There is a new movie on TV." Again, the movie is not sitting physically on top of the actual, physical television set. The movie is playing "on" television. You don't need "the" or "a." "I just bought a new TV. The TV cost a hundred dollars." Here, you are talking about the actual object. You bought an electronic device, a TV. You need to use "a" or "the." So if you want to say that there is a real, physical flower pot sitting on top of your TV set, you need to say "There is a flower pot on /the/ TV." (Usually we would say "on top of the TV," just to be perfectly clear.) If you want to say that your favorite show is playing right now, you would say "My favorite show is /on/ TV right now." In this case, you don't need to use "the."
June 14, 2019
You would use "the TV" when referring to a specific television. For example you could say, "Look at the TV, Brad." or "I want to buy the TV we saw earlier." You can use just "TV" when you are speaking generally as in these examples: "I have a TV at home." or "There is a large TV in the cafe down the street." These are just simple ways to use them.
June 14, 2019
when we specifically talking about a particular TV. For example, Yana was watching the TV in her room.
June 14, 2019
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