sold 9n any given war having good reason fed through to then president bushy dont undersand that Contrary to some opinions the American people are not warlike, and therefore have to be (sold on any given war having a very good reason for it.) Now, granted, the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001( was sold on )the simple need for revenge against Al-Qaeda, for the 9/11 attacks which was not a truly good reason. There was no way that the United States would not try to kill bin Laden and his accomplices, but the full-scale invasion of Afghanistan was obviously not necessary to the achieving of that goal. But invading Iraq in 2003 based, 100% on lies fabricated by various intelligence sources and (fed through to then President Bush), was the only way that invasion could have happened, because there was no factual justification for invading Iraq.
Jun 15, 2019 4:57 AM