Makeup tutorial This is the script of a video. Please kindly check the video on "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE4ytyM3KrI&t=221s" from 6'05 to 6'15. What I heard is--- Last but not least, for my lips, I'm applying the 'Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain' and this is in Barcelona Nights, which is quite a bright colour but the consistency of these glosses is absolutely amazing. They're smooth and creamy and moisturizing but also really really easy to wear, and even though they're bright, they do sheer down quite a lot as well, and they obviously have the stain element. ----I don't understand "they do sheer down quite a lot as well, and they obviously have the stain element." Sheer down? or shear down? Stain element? Thank you!
Jun 15, 2019 11:07 AM
Answers · 4
When something is sheer, it's a little see-through. So e.g. an opaque blue lipstick would turn your lips completely blue without the color of your lips being visible, while a sheer blue lipstick would also turn your lips a shade of blue, but you'd still be able to see the original color of your lips underneath. If something "sheers down", it means that it loses its opacity and becomes see-through over time. A stain element, in my experience, means that the lipstick will stain your lips, meaning that it will leave some of its color on your lips even after you wipe it off. If you had a pink stain lipstick, it could stain your lips and turn them much pinker than normal for a while, even after removing it. Hope that helps! :)
June 15, 2019
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