What are the mistakes in this paragraph? I'm learning Sagang Textbook, and in the book has a homework like that: "Read the following summary, find the mistakes and correct them (3 things) 지훈 씨는 서울 식당에 가 봤어요. 서울 식당은 일식집이에요. 특히 비빔밥이 아주 맛있어요. 그래서 마에코 씨한테 서울 식당을 소개해 줬어요. 미에코 씨는 비빔밥이 먹고 싶어서 서울 식당에 갔어요. 비빔밥 두 그릇을 시켰어요. 하지만 서울 식당 아저씨는 "하나 더 시키세요"라고 말했어요" The textbook said there are 3 mistakes in this paragraph, but i think it must be 4 mistake (일식집 →한식집; 비빔밥이 먹고 싶어서→ 비빔밥을 먹고 싶어해서 ; 식당 아저씨는 → 식당 하저씨하고).Is my answer correct? Can you help me to solve this task? Thank you!
Jun 16, 2019 3:36 AM
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1. 일식집 -> 한식집 2. 두 그릇을 -> 두 개를 3. 하나 더 -> 하나만 cf. In a phrase of -고 싶다, the particle '이/가' and '을/를' are interchangeable each other. Here '이/가' is used not as a subjective particle but as an auxiliary particle.
June 16, 2019
Hello, trinhdinhthai93. mistakes 3 things 1 일식집→ 한식집 (You know why) 2 "비빔밥 두 그릇을 시켰어요."→ 비빔밥 한 그릇을 시켰어요. (마에코 or 미에코 went to the restaurant by herself.) 3 "하나 더 시키세요."→ "하나만 시키세요." (It's weird to eat two bowls in solitude.) Have a nice day.
June 16, 2019
Hi, I'm also a Korean learner, but I believe the mistakes you identified were all correct except the last one. 식당 아저씨 (older male restaurant owner/server) is correct.
June 16, 2019
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