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How to tell apart adverbial uses of "to do"?? Hi. I'm currently suffering from translating english sentences to japanese when "to do" appear in them. For instance, "The machine sprays paint to form a road." (this sentence has no meanings, i just came it up in mind. this is a description of a machine.) means (1)The machine sprays paint in order to form a road.(reason of spraying paint) or (2)The machine sprays paint, and forms a road.(it just describes the functions in parallel.) or (3)The machine sprays paint, then it forms a road.(result of spraying paint) In other and similar sentence, I tried to translate in (1) meaning, but other person translate in (2) meaning. And in (3) meaning, I know the example "I lived to be 90 years old.", so I think it should be a past sentence because we don't know any result at present time. I hope someone helps me. Thanks for reading.
Jun 16, 2019 5:23 AM