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Does it sound natural? During a chemical reaction: A+B===C+D, 5 g of A react completely with 11 g of B,producing 7 g of C and D. What mass of D is produced ?
Jun 16, 2019 1:01 PM
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While it sounds mostly natural, you have a confusing ambiguity. The way it is written, you make it sound like 7g of C and 7g of D are produced. Then asking at the end how much of D is produced makes the reader think that you are asking if they read it closely (answer is 7g) or asking if they remember the laws of conservation of matter (assuming the equation is a complete reaction with no loss, so the answer should be 9g). I would phrase it as: During a chemical reaction: A+B --> C+D, 5g of A react completely with 11g of B producing products C and D. If 7g of C are produced, what is the mass of product D produced (in grams)?
June 16, 2019
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