how can be a man behavior changes like this? you know when I meet someone who was in my my class when I had in 12th . that times we didn't know each other only casual hi / hello. after two years we met in our hometown through my best friend so where we enjoyed and it was fun . my persona attract ed him to make me his friends. often we met in hometown I have trust on him that he will help me in any kind of situation but when I was going to another city where he was studying . I think he is there and everything will be good he settled me but he turn another side when I call him and all the time he make excuses . you know what was happened with him he got more knowledgeable than me and hi s ego makes difference between us. I'm glad to be have friends like these that make my vision more clear . I remember one thing which is laugh with many but don't trust any. from where I decided never depend on someone else do it by yourself. I said him clearly all matter and he laughed and I told me if you need any help my doors always open for you but never expect me to more than you've done. the death is not kill a man , you know who kill the man his ego kill a man.
Jun 17, 2019 1:04 PM
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June 17, 2019
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