Na Nobu
What do you say when you have to interrupt the speaker? For example, ・The speaker seems to speak long phrases, but I don't understand what he says in the middle of the first phrase, so I want to say, like "Would you say that again please?" ・The speaker tries to speak in my mother tongue, but he seems not to be able to hit on what he wants to say, but I think I understand it, so I want to help him. Then, what is a polite way of interrupting the speaker?
Jun 19, 2019 12:25 PM
Answers · 9
You can interrupt a speaker politely by saying "excuse me". You can also give a gesture by raising your hand a little bit. This is the polite way of interrupting someone. A slightly less polite way is to say "just a moment", which means the other person should stop talking so you can say something. "Peter Piper picked a pack of peppers..." "Excuse me, would you say that again please?" "Sure. Peter Piper picked a pack of peppers." "Football is the worst game in the world..." "Just a moment, I don't agree with that at all. I think it's the best game in the world!"
June 19, 2019
I would say something like: Excuse me. Would you repeat the last sentence over again please?
June 19, 2019
I the you the key is to respect polite manner, we let the speaker finish before speaking ourself. Then any word could be ok. I would say myself "sorry, could you repeat please". (I feel more polite to ask "could" rather than "would")
June 24, 2019
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