Being and become What is difference between these two words. Please give me several examples to let me know them better.
Jun 19, 2019 10:01 PM
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For one thing, "being" is used in continuous tenses and "become" is used in either the simple present tense or as the past participle in perfect tenses. You are being childish. (now) I was being lazy yesterday. You have become very successful. I had become cautious after learning about the rising crime rate.
June 20, 2019
This is a tricky explanation because the two can be used so interchangeably. the difference is really on what they put emphasis on "To be" puts emphasis on what something is "to become" puts emphasis on what something will change to "I want to be a great performer like you" "Teach me because I want to become a great performer like you" When using the two words in sentences like: "He will be a good player" vs "He will become a good player" They basically mean the same thing, in regards to the outcome. But they do describe and put emphasis on two different things. The former is stressing the fact that the "player" will just be something. The latter is stressing that the "player" will "change from how he is now" and become something new. The gerunds however do have different meanings when used in a sentence like: "Being" means that something is already a certain way. "He is being a good mentor, and is great leader" "Becoming" means that something is 'changing' into a something else "He is becoming a good mentor, and will be great leader"
June 19, 2019
Hi Ramin! "Being" is the present progressive form of "to be." "To be" indicates a state, so something that is ongoing and usually unchanged over time. "Become" indicates an event or action that changes a state. Examples of to be/being: "He wants to be a scientist." "Being the center of attention is never fun." "She likes being in charge of projects." Examples of become: "He became a scientist after he graduated from college." "Once she found out what he did, he became the center of attention." "She became in charge of this project after the old boss quit." I hope this helps!
June 19, 2019
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