Mariano Cárcamo
Would you take part in a LANGUAGE EXCHANGE / INTERCAMBIO DE IDIOMAS? Hello, there! My name is Mariano. I'm a language teacher in Argentina. I'm planning on giving some of my students the opportunity of taking part in a language exchange, so that they can practice and use their English. Remember, we learn languages by using them. If you're learning English, this would be a fantastic idea for you to practice it. My student would be extremely grateful. If you're learning Spanish, we can agree on speaking both languages during the language exchange (for example: 30 minutes English - 30 minutes Spanish) Of course, this would be a free activity, in view of the fact that the only purpose of this is to learn and use the language in a real communicative situation in which speakers negotiate meaning :) If you happen to be interested / have any question please, contact me: [email protected] Mariano.
Jun 20, 2019 7:23 PM