What does 구적주절 and 두고두고 mean? I seem to be hearing these a lot in dramas
Jun 22, 2019 4:40 AM
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구적주절? Perhaps you mean 주절주절 which describes they way someone babbles on ('구적' doesn't make sense). It is a common adverb (dramas seem to use it a lot too) for talking aimlessly. There are also related verbs 주절대다 and 주절거리다 (to babble). 두고두고 is made from the verb 두다 (put or leave something), but it's probably hard to guess its meaning from this verb , 두고두고 is an adverb for remembering or fixating on something for a long time to come. It describes how people sometimes won't forget about their own mistake or bad treatment they received from others and get hung up on it. - 그 사람은 주절주절 말은 잘 하지만 그뿐이다 = He can talk all day long, but there's no action. - 그녀는 만나던 남친과 헤어진 것을 두고두고 후회한다 = She regrets having split up with her boyfriend to this day. - 동생은 내가 바빠서 도와주지 못한 걸 두고두고 불평한다 = My brother still whines about the time I couldn't help him because I was too busy.
June 22, 2019
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