Dang Yeon Sim
Can someone translate these Korean article for me? There's some words in this article i don't understand or don't know how to translate. This is from an interview: "실제 제 성격과는 거리가 멀다. 드라마를 통해 미움을 받았다면 제가 역할을 잘 소화한 거겠죠. 실제 제 성격은 모질 지 못해요. 다른 사람에게 피해 안 주고 제 할 일만 하는 스타일이죠. 사실, 두루두루 어울리는 것도 잘 못하는 걸요.처음에는 악한 인물이 아니었는데, 급격히 나빠지더라고요. 시청자들이 초반에는 불쌍하다는 말이 많았는데 나중에는 '어떻게 저런 짓까지 하느냐!'고 하셨죠. 감정적으로 너무 힘들었어요."
Jun 22, 2019 1:23 PM
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It's actually far from my personality. If I was hated through the drama, I would have played the role well. In reality, my personality is not harsh. I am a kind of person who is doing his job without hurting others. Actually, I'm not good at mingling (socializing) well, either. He(The role I played) wasn't a bad guy at first, but he got worse. Many viewers said they felt sorry in the beginning, but later they said, "How can you do such a thing?" It was so hard emotionally."
June 22, 2019
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